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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well, it has been a whirlwind of a day. This morning I slept in and went to school early... I know, that sounds strange but we had a later schedule because Father came to say Mass for us in the evening so we didn't need to go to the six-thirty. The day went by so quickly. Sometimes there are just days that anything that can go wrong does... today was one of them! Actually, this whole week has been kinda like that!

The students went to Confession today which is wonderful, it does throw a little kink in the schedule though. Don't get me wrong, I love being part of preparing them for and providing the opportunity for them to receive the sacraments. It does get a little stressful though! Strangely enough I found myself about seven hours later in Church doing the same exact thing for the CCD students. I realized again that apostolic joy in bringing others to Jesus.

In between these two scheduled times for confession, we had Mass in the convent Chapel, which I love! First, because it is awesome to have Mass said in the same structure in which you live. Second, because it is an opportunity for the sisters to celebrate the Eucharist together. And third, because the Eucharist is a central element of our community spirituality.

Something was different today though. As many of you have probably experienced, the sign of peace has been changed because of the swine flu outbreak. Today, the ban was lifted, and Father made a little joke about being able to shake hands again. We all laughed and as I looked into the eyes of my sisters at this joyful and new experience, I realized how united we were. In the silent moments after this outbreak of joyful laughter, I thought of God's goodness to me.

In a day that was filled to the brim, God offered me this beautiful little moment of purity and joy. I can't help but wonder how many moments during the day I missed that were also gifts of renewal and refreshment.

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