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Saturday, February 20, 2010


"If we would completely rejoice the heart of God, let us strive in all things to conform ourselves to his divine will. Let us not only strive to conform ourselves, but also to unite ourselves to whatever dispositions God makes of us. Conformity signifies that we join our wills to the will of God. Conformity means more -- it means that we make one will of God’s will and ours, so that we will only what God wills; that God’s will alone, is our will. This is the summit of perfection and to it we should always aspire; this should be the goal of all our works, desires, meditations and prayers. To this end we should always invoke the aid of our holy patrons, our guardian angels, and above all, of our mother Mary, the most perfect of all the saints because she most perfectly embraced the divine will."

I don't know why this is coming to me today but I am just so surprised at God's great love for me. How can He possibly love me with this deep love? H ow can I possibly join my will to God's? It seems unbelievable and impossible to ever reach the perfection that allows us to make God's will our own. It does require heartache and self-sacrificing love. Lord, know that this servant is ready to give anything to do your will!

Today I spent most of my day in school. Yes, I know it is Saturday. It is always a nice day to spend in school. There is so much quiet and it is so nice to get my lessons planned and organize all of my things for the coming week. I can really concentrate on the ministry to which I have dedicated myself, the ministry to which God has called me, to educate children in Catholic Schools. I love them do much. I wish I could do so much more for them, but I know that I am doing God's will by teaching them in the best way that I can. I am so grateful to Him for allowing me to do something I love and to feel the love from each of His little ones who need me.

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